KupUp Kreations

Catering Service
Offer: 10% off of pastries
Address: Deliveries to you and catering at your events
Phone: (876) 854-0085



Pastries, Food, Catering, Live Pastry, Live Food Preparation and Be My KupKake Bar
KukUp Kreations is all about new kreations. Daily, weekly, monthly any time. We are all about making our own kreations as well as executing your own. We provide pastries at your finger tips with a wide selection of French, American, Jamaican and just KukUp Kreations. Give us a call now!....Your stomach will thank you :)

Our pastries are sold retail based on individual orders as well as wholesale to restaurants, coffee shops and pastry companies.

KukUp Kreation's creating food though love and passion and providing food for your satisfaction.