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We assist local jobseekers in sourcing international employment and or cultural exchange opportunities. Our outbound programs include the USA J1 Summer Work and Travel program for university and college students, the USA Teach Program for qualified teachers and the Teach English in China Program for university graduates and teachers.

USA J1 Summer Work and Travel Program

The USA J-1 Summer Work Travel cultural exchange program is a unique opportunity for international university students to experience life in the United States first-hand through summer work experience with American host companies. Our host companies are located in a variety of areas to include North and South Carolina, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Ocean City, Maryland to name a few. Summer work opportunities include amusement park, restaurant, retail, food and beverage positions and more.

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  • Teach USA Program

    The Teach USA program is designed for trained/qualified teachers specializing in Mathematics, Science, Special Education and Early Childhood Education. Teachers must have already graduated and completed at least two years of progressive work experience in their occupational field. This opportunity is designed for young professionals to teach in the U.S. for up to 3 years.The Teach USA program provides on-the-job exposure to American techniques, methodologies, and expertise, and enhances the participant’s knowledge of American culture and society.

    Teach English in China Program

    The Teach English in China Program is a 12 month work opportunity in China. Applicants must have already graduated and be in receipt of a university degree. Qualified teacher training/degree is not necessary for the Teach English in China program, however, background in teaching or experience working with children is highly desired. The Teach English in China Program offers travel throughout Asia including Japan, Korea and China. The program also offers free housing, healthcare and state of the art teaching facilities and equipment.

    Services for job seekers

    • International job placement
    • Global cultural exchange
    • International university enrollment
    • Visa Applications
    • Embassy appointment scheduling
    • Resume review, writing and editing

    Our international work and travel programs require applicants to meet specific guidelines for eligibility. While there are great benefits to each program some restrictions may apply. Our agency charges a fee for placements. For details on our outbound programs including program eligibility, requirements and fees please email inquiries to info@hreliteco.com